Top 6 Cerner EMR Alternatives And Competitors in 2023

Cerner EMR Alternatives

Choosing an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) program is important to any healthcare practice. While Cerner EMR is a popular and well-known EMR system, there are other options available. You may be wondering which Cerner EMR Alternatives can help you improve your practice’s efficiency, while still meeting your patient’s needs.

Top 6 Cerner EMR Alternatives

InSync EMR

Choosing the right EMR system depends on the specific needs of the practice. The right EMR software can help you improve the productivity of your practice and improve the quality of care that your patients receive. A good EMR solution should be easy to use and provide you with the tools you need to manage your patient records and improve your practice’s workflow.

Cerner is one of the most popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions available on the market. It has a wide range of core features, including patient scheduling, e-prescribing, clinical documentation, and lab integration. It is also compatible with inter-device integration, enabling seamless data sharing between systems. It is certified by the ONC-ATCB.

Cerner is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms. The Cerner app allows you to access your EMR from anywhere. There are also many cloud-based deployment options. The system is also compatible with HL7, which enables the transfer of patient data between systems. It also offers training and integration services.

Another major feature of Cerner EMR is voice recognition. This feature can help physicians transcribe patient data more efficiently. In addition, the system can also automate patient scheduling and appointment reminders. It also allows trained technicians to monitor several patient rooms simultaneously.

Cerner EMR is compatible with multiple specialties and has more than 50 clinical specialties available. It is also an excellent choice for ambulatory care.

DrChrono EHR

Choosing the right medical software for your practice can be a daunting task. Whether you are a new practice or an established healthcare provider, there are many factors to consider. The total cost of ownership includes software licenses, subscription fees, maintenance and support, and other related services. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment, it’s important to understand your needs and to compare different medical software solutions.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one practice management solution, DrChrono may be your best choice. It provides a complete suite of services that are designed to increase productivity and decrease costs. This software allows healthcare professionals to focus on the clinical aspects of their practice, while automating redundant tasks. Its features include revenue cycle management, medical billing, and medical coding services.

DrChrono also has a native telehealth solution that is built into the software. This feature enables you to connect patients to your practice via video. This helps reduce no-shows, billing time, and costs. Its web-based patient portal provides real-time claim status, as well as HCFA reporting support.

The software is HIPAA-compliant, meaning that your practice is protected from data breaches. It also includes a patient portal, a medical billing platform, and e-prescribing.

The software is customizable to the needs of every practice. You can access over 40,000 labs, prepare medical forms, and check patient charts with ease. Its ICD-10-ready features help improve efficiency and decrease clinical costs.

Allscripts Professional EHR

Currently, the leading EMR provider in the medical industry is Cerner. Its clients include the largest health systems in the world. It also serves small and mid-sized practices. Its solutions also include practice management, revenue cycle management, population health management, and more.

Allscripts’ solutions include the Sunrise product, which is fully cloud-based. The product has a focus on enhancing the patient experience and organizational effectiveness. It also includes expanded analytics functionality. In addition, it integrates with Microsoft productivity tools. It is also designed to increase ease of use for clinicians.

In August 2017, Allscripts acquired NantHealth patient engagement technology. It also rebranded itself as Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. Its solutions include Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, which is for large multi-specialty physician practices. It also offers CareInMotion, an ambulatory EHR platform. It also offers consulting services and infrastructure migrations.

Allscripts is also the first in the EHR industry to introduce the Open concept. This function enables practitioners to share expertise and improve the quality of care.

Allscripts offers the Developers Program, which gives healthcare providers access to everything they need to develop applications. It also offers a training program, consulting services, and managed IT services.

Its software has been used by 2,500 hospitals and 40,000 in-home clinicians. It has also been used by 45,000 physician practices. Among its other offerings are the ePrescribe line, which includes controlled substance e-prescribing and medication adherence support tools.


Choosing an EMR is an important decision for many practices. However, each system has its own strengths and weaknesses Like NueMD. The best system is the one that best fits your practice. A good way to make a decision is to compare features.

A good EHR system will not only allow you to maintain the health of your patients but also give you the flexibility to tailor it to your practice’s needs. Cerner and Epic both have robust features and capabilities that can serve your practice.

A good EMR system will allow you to streamline your clinical and financial functions. It will also help you keep track of patient history, prescriptions, and lab results. The system also incorporates a patient portal, which allows patients to schedule appointments and see their medical records. You can also use it to place medication orders with a few clicks.

Cerner’s patient portal enables virtual consultation scheduling, online prescription refills, and secure messaging. The company’s collaboration with telehealth company Amwell allows their clients to schedule telehealth appointments.

Cerner’s EHR system also includes an AI-enabled workflow. This function allows the system to transcribe data faster. It also allows doctors to view summaries of past encounters and search for symptoms. It also improves communication between the clinical and billing teams.

The company’s certified EHR software is also designed for security. The software is cloud-based, making it easy to access patient charts from home.

Praxis EMR

Whether you’re looking for an EMR for your IPA, hospital-affiliated clinic, or your own independent practice, there are several alternatives to Cerner EMR. These systems all have unique strengths and limitations, so it’s important to do your homework to find the right one for you.

Cerner, one of the first EMR providers, has long been a trusted name in the industry. The company, founded by three accountants in Kansas, remains a strong leader in the EMR space. However, the usability of its products has been criticized by many users. In addition, some of its implementations have attracted attention due to patient delays and inefficiencies.

Praxis EMR is an innovative EMR system that offers users a suite of cloud-based solutions. Among other features, the EHR includes an e-prescribing system, clinical documentation, and a patient-provider portal. This solution is HIPAA-compliant, and can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The Praxis EMR has a unique AI engine that automates many tasks for practitioners. It also learns from user behavior and patient records. This technology increases efficiency and boosts usability.

The Praxis EMR also includes a unique knowledge exchange feature that allows practitioners to share medical knowledge and collaborate with others. This function improves the quality of care delivered and increases patient engagement.

The Praxis EMR also comes equipped with a unique research tool called DataMiner. This feature allows users to perform an instant query on any information from a selected patient population. The tool is particularly useful for drug trials and implementing new health maintenance strategies.


Founded in the early 2000s, PointClickCare provides electronic health record products to senior living facilities. The company was initially developed for assisted living facilities, but has since grown to become one of the most popular options for long term care software vendors.

PointClickCare software offers a responsive, point-of-care interface that is optimized for acute to ambulatory specialties. It also includes an integrated financial management system. It automates claims processing and eligibility and benefits verification. It also provides PGD analytics and business intelligence.

The company also offers a patient portal and automated appointment reminders. It supports more than 50 medical specialties. In addition, it has lab integration and clinical decision support. It is certified for meaningful use and is ONC-ATCB certified.

PointClickCare also offers an infection reporting tool. It allows facilities to easily view a dashboard of all infections in their facility. Users can also access this dashboard inside the EHR. The infection control tool was first introduced in April. It was designed to allow providers to monitor patients remotely.

PointClickCare also has a virtual instructor-led training session. These sessions are conducted by PointClickCare subject matter experts. In addition, the company offers a document repository, an integrated communication system, and other features.

PointClickCare has also made improvements to its long term care EHR software. It was revamped between 2011 and 2012. It included improved reporting functions and exports in PDF format. It also added a single record location for patients’ data.

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