Top 5 Athenahealth EMR Alternatives And Competitors in 2023

Athenahealth EMR Alternatives

There are many great options available for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for an electronic medical record system that is new or replaceable. This article will discuss the five most popular alternatives to Athenahealth EMR software. These software programs can help you manage your medical records better.

Top 5 Athenahealth EMR Alternatives

Cerner EMR

Your specific practice requirements will determine the best EMR software. The best EMR software integrates advanced features with comprehensive functionality to simplify administrative and clinical processes. Each EMR software has its strengths and weaknesses.

Cerner EMR, a top-rated medical EMR system, is Cerner EMR. It streamlines physician workflow, reduces costs, and increases patient safety. It features patient education materials, dynamic clinical documentation tools, quick-select charts, and patient education resources. It also supports HL7 integration which allows for the sharing of patient information between systems.

Cerner was founded in 1979 by three Kansas City accountants. It has since grown to be the largest provider of Health IT services in the world. Cerner offers EMR solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes, and for specialties. Forbes Magazine has named Cerner one of the best employers for recent graduates. For three consecutive years, Cerner was ranked #1 in Black Book’s Inpatient Ambulatory Care category.

Epic Systems, Cerner’s main competitor is a hospital system that focuses on academic medical centers and community hospitals. It has been awarded eight Best in KLAS 2020 Awards. Epic holds a larger market share than Cerner. Cerner’s implementation failures have been high-profile.

The best EMR software has advanced features and is easy to use. It should be easy to access important patient information and health trends. It should allow the practice to increase productivity and efficiency in its office.

The user community has given mixed reviews to Cerner’s Millennium offering. Although it continues to grow its market share, it has also had several high-profile implementation failures.

Athenahealth, a cloud-based solution, offers many features. It offers an EHR solution, practice management software, and a cloud-based RCM system for large groups. It offers billing management and lab integration.

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare offers a better option for small and medium-sized medical practices than Athenahealth. The cloud-based EHR software allows full access to medical records and billing information. Its integrated technology platform provides a comprehensive solution that improves patient satisfaction and streamlines clinical workflow.

It provides many administrative functions such as scheduling appointments and tracking claims. A comprehensive patient portal allows patients to review their medical records, access prescriptions, and make online payments. NextGen includes an app for iOS and Android, which allows providers to do e-prescribing and charge capture.

NextGen Healthcare Clinical Care Solutions was designed for practices that only require one program to complete all their functions. It can be difficult to upload information via the portal. The user interface is complicated and takes a lot of clicking to complete simple tasks.

The company offers three core products: Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management. Its revenues are mainly derived from subscription-based sales of software. Its main focus is on HIPAA-compliant secure storage of patient data.

NextGen Healthcare is a popular choice in ambulatory and specialty practices. The solutions can also improve clinical and financial outcomes.

NextGen has several plans available for nurses and physicians. There is a limit on how many claims can be filed each month. The company’s claims clearinghouse, claims reporting dashboard and claims reporting dashboard allow providers to track claims status and receivables. The company also offers a user-friendly patient portal that allows patients to review laboratory test results and other information.

NextGen Healthcare offers a complete suite of clinical care services, including electronic prescribing and mobile and online patient payments tools. It also provides practice management software. These solutions are designed to improve physician satisfaction, productivity, and financial outcomes. These solutions include messaging campaign services and risk stratification services, to keep patients interested.


AdvancedMD is a great tool for improving your clinical workflow, whether you’re a solo doctor or a multi-specialty practice. AdvancedMD, cloud-based medical software is designed to assist providers in managing their patient records and making payments. It also provides transcription and speech services.

The flat-rate monthly subscription is one of AdvancedMD’s most popular plans. AdvancedMD users can schedule appointments and pay monthly fees to access the software. The system can be accessed from any mobile device.

AdvancedMD telemedicine offers practice management and billing software. AdvancedMD offers many customizable plans that make it an excellent choice for specialty practices. The per-transaction plan, for example, is an excellent choice for practices that see less than 1,000 patients per month. You can also pay a monthly fee to have unlimited transactions.

AdvancedMD offers many add-ons to help users personalize the software. Some users complained that the add-ons were too expensive. Users also complained that it was difficult to get customer support and that training was difficult.

eClinicalWorks, another AdvancedMD option, is also available. The interactive interface of this EHR makes it easy to use. You can also chart patient information with ease and it is compatible with all devices. Its mission is the reshaping of healthcare IT.

AdvancedMD’s biggest drawback is its price. Users are responsible for paying a monthly fee and software, training, customizations, maintenance, and support. These expenses can add up quickly.

AdvancedMD’s mobile app is one of its best features. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The system can be accessed via mobile. Users can also make payments and view patient records. They can also electronically send prescriptions.


It can be difficult to find the right software for your medical practice. But there are many options. Here are five great alternatives to Athenahealth. These options can be the best fit for your medical practice.

Kareo, a cloud-based EHR system that allows doctors to manage their practices more efficiently, is called Cloud EHR. The software offers physicians a complete set of tools to help them with billing, practice management, and patient engagement. Kareo’s EHR was designed to decrease the workload of clinicians and increase revenue. It features customizable calendars, invoicing and billing functions, messaging, and many other features.

Kareo also allows you to send refill requests directly to pharmacies. This feature helps patients to get prescription refills faster. Secure communication is possible with patients. This feature allows physicians to spend more time caring for patients than answering phone calls.

AthenaClinicals also has the ability to simplify medical documentation. It saves records in the cloud so doctors can access them anywhere. It ensures physicians have access to the most current patient records. This tool allows medical professionals to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. This tool also features a data analytics tool that simplifies information sharing.

Athenahealth also offers physician billing services. It is equipped with a patent-pending billing engine. This ensures that claims are processed quickly and efficiently. AthenaHealth also offers a patient portal where patients can view their bills and pay them. It includes proactive trend analysis and daily responsibility monitoring.

Athenahealth offers many features including an innovative home page and a constantly updated rules engine. It also provides back-office services. This is an excellent solution for independent practices.


There are many alternatives to Athenahealth that offer software solutions for managing your practice. Compare the functions and features of different products to find the right solution for you. You should also consider their reliability and ease of use.

DocuTAP, an EMR software, has been in operation for almost two decades. This software streamlines the workflow of healthcare organizations that want to move away from paper-based workflows. This software is a great tool for helping organizations increase revenue and coordinate care. This software allows disparate EHR systems and other applications to communicate with each other.

DocuTAP’s primary feature is its charting module. Multiple staff members can work simultaneously on the same note with this module. This module also allows for automated E/M code, which aids in accurately charting cases in clinics.

DocuTAP provides a patient portal through which patients can schedule appointments, request refills of prescriptions, pay past-due bills, update their contact information, and make payments. HIPAA-compliant messaging options are also available through the portal. The software provides an easy-to-read customer receipt.

Midsize practices can use Athenahealth as a practice management tool. They offer cloud-based electronic medical records. They also provide telehealth tools that are embedded in their EHR. These tools enable patients to communicate with their doctors using their smartphones, tablets or computers.

A wide range of interoperability tools are also available. These tools enable practices to share data and allow patients to start treatment with a new physician. This reduces physician burnout. You can also get a consultation to help manage your practice.

DocuTAP also offers practice management and billing functionality. The software allows users to create and analyze reports. This software is useful for clinics to improve their staffing levels and patient care.

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