Top 17 Buzzsprout Alternatives And Competitors to Consider in 2023

Buzzsprout Alternatives

Buzzsprout is an online platform for creating and managing podcasts. It has been in operation since 2007 and hosts more than 100,000 podcasts. In this article, we are discussing some best Buzzsprout Alternatives And Competitors.

Their services are free for those who wish to create podcasts, while paid services are available for those who wish to obtain additional features. A number of competitors have emerged in recent years as Buzzsprout has grown in popularity.

Moreover, the platform provides limited customization options. In addition, episodes you host are deleted after 90 days on the platform. Therefore, all of these factors can lead users to search for better alternatives at times.

Luckily, there are a number of Buzzsprout Alternatives available nowadays, so let’s take a look at the following list to find out which are the best.

Best Buzzsprout alternatives & competitors

1. Libsyn –


Libsyn is one of the oldest podcast hosting sites and offers a wide range of features for podcasters. It was created in 2004, and it has helped thousands of podcasters and audio creators with their content. They provides technical service 24/7 so that it can be there for everyone at all times. As the first place to provide RSS feeds free to the community, Libsyn has been innovating in many ways – from early video accessibility to comprehensive stats – since 2004!

They offer multiple packages that are fully customizable, which include: Basic, Core, Advanced and Premium. They have both monthly and annual basis plans.

Basic: $5/month for 3 hrs.

Plus: $15/month for 6 hrs.

Pro: $20/month for 10 hrs.

They also have an easy-to-use RSS feed to help you create an iTunes podcast, Android podcast, or any other kind of podcast that you want. This free podcast hosting service is an easy way to start your own podcast or share a podcast that you love. Libsyn is one of the best Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Pros of Libsyn:

• Excellent 24/7 customer support

• Powerful media hosting platform

• Many features and integrations

• Large, active user community

Cons of Libsyn:

• Some features require a paid account

• Interface can be confusing for new users

2. Spreaker–


Spreaker is another popular podcast hosting site that offers a free plan with limited features as well as several paid plans. They have a simple interface and offer a monitoring wide range of integrations. Spreaker is another best Buzzsprout Alternatives.

Pros of Spreaker:

  • It’s pretty user-friendly
  • Provides a wide range of features like live streaming, recording, and

Cons of Spreaker:

  • The free plan has very limited features
  • Support is not available on the free plan

3. Simplecast –


Simplecast provides an intuitive user interface, robust analytics, and a wide range of features that make podcasting easier and more enjoyable. The platform also provides easy access to powerful distribution tools, allowing podcasters to reach more listeners than ever before. Additionally, they offer excellent customer support, so users can always get help when they need it. With all these benefits, Simplecast is poised to become the top choice for podcast hosting in the coming years. They have both monthly and annual plans available in their pricing plans.

Basic: $15/month with 2 team member seats

Essential: $35/month with 4 team member seats

Growth: $85/month with 9 team member seats

Pros of Simplecast:

  • They provide 14-days free trial.
  • Provides powerful tools for managing, distributing, sharing, and growing your podcast

Cons of Simplecast:

  • Simplecast is slightly more expensive than Buzzsprout
  • There may be some difficulties using Simplecast for new users.

4. Soundwise


Soundwise is the ability to provide an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop tools for podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization. Additionally, it comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, providing users with much more flexibility than Buzzsprout. They offer a great selection of features and services to its users. They have both monthly and annual plan available.

One Time Purchase of: $59/ with the unlimited sound cast.

Or you can also check Soundwise additional features here.

Pros of Simplecast:

  • There are no transaction fees (except for Stripe processing fees) associated with their services
  • Furthermore, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Simplecast:

  • Lack of analytics and reporting, limited customer support, and no mobile app.
  • In comparison with BuzzSprout, it does not offer some of the advanced features, such as multi-lingual support and integration with other services.

5. Castos


Castos is an up-and-coming media hosting platform that is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives for creators in 2023. It has a clean interface that makes setting up an account and uploading your audio files easy and fast. Additionally, its features are well-thought-out and comprehensive. You can customize episode artwork, add chapters and tags, create custom RSS feeds, link with popular services like Apple Podcasts, and more. They provide both monthly and annual plans, and their rates are also very reasonable.

Starter: $19/month plus upto 20,000 downloads per month.

Growth: $49/month plus upto 75,000 downloads per month.

Pro: $99/month plus upto 200,000 downloads per month.

Casto Premium: From $499/month

Pros of Castos:

  • Easy-to-use podcast hosting platform and it integrates with Amazon Web Services.
  • You can generate revenue from your podcasts by using Castos’ built-in monetization feature.

Cons of Castos:

  • There are some features that are still limited or missing from the platform.
  • They have limited customer service options and lack of customization.

6. Storyboard


Storyboard offers a range of different features that make it more attractive than its predecessor. For starters, Storyboard allows users to easily create and share their own storyboards with others, making it easier to collaborate on projects. Their users can create and manage podcasts without needing any technical knowledge, making it an ideal choice for those just getting started. Plus, it offers a wide range of tools to help podcasters grow their audience and monetize their content. Their plans are available on a monthly and annual basis.

Basic: $0/ Free Forever with upto 50 unique listeners.

Pro: $1/month with upto 500 unique listeners.

Enterprise: Contact Sales Team (with upto 500+ unique listeners.

Pros of Storyboard:

  • Storyboard includes powerful analytics tools which allow users to track how successful their stories are and what areas may need improvement.
  • Advanced features and ability to customize content.

Cons of Storyboard:

  • It is not as user-friendly as Buzzsprout
  • Customer service is limited and there are no advanced features available, according to users.

7. Podbean


Podbean offers many features that make it appealing for those looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform. It offers many features that make it stand out such as unlimited hosting for your podcast, detailed analytics, an easy-to-use interface, and reliable customer service. It provides a Free Website Builder feature that has been rated 0% above the industry average. Podbean’s pricing plans are much more affordable than those of other popular podcast hosts.

Basic: $0/always free with 100GB Monthly Bandwidth

Unlimited Audio: $9/month with Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Plus: $29/month with Unmetered Bandwidth.

Network: $79/month with 3TB Monthly Bandwidth.

Pros of Podbean:

  • Multiple advanced features are offered as part of the free plan
  • Podbean is the built-in podcast analytics, which give users detailed insights into their listenership

Cons of Podbean:

  • User interface can be difficult to navigate at sometimes
  • Limited customization options and the lack of features as compared to other solutions.

8. Transistor


Transistor has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to manage your podcasts and allowing anyone to quickly learn how to use the program and create their own podcast. Additionally, it offers powerful audio editing tools and allows for multiple layers of sound to be added to a track. Additionally, they offer a 14-day free trial period and offer both monthly and annual plans.

Starter: $19/month with 20,000 monthly downloads.

Professional: $49/month with 100,000 monthly downloads

Business: $99/month with 250,000 monthly downloads.

Pros of Transistor:

  • Transistor is experiencing positive feedback from the majority of its users.
  • Even beginners will find it easy to use.

Cons of Transistor:

  • Customer support is not as comprehensive as other services.
  • Limited integrations with other platforms.

9. WPNode


WPNode offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for your podcasts, allowing you to have as much content as you need without worrying about running out of space. Additionally, WPNode offers an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use controls, so you can quickly upload, manage, and publish your podcasts. As compared to others their price is reasonable and affordable. They offer both monthly and yearly plans.

Starter: $29/month

Professional: $99/month

Pros of WPNode:

  • Provides a free plan with a variety of advanced features.
  • It comes with a free SSL certificate.

Cons of WPNode:

  • Compared to industry standards, the Backup & Monitoring feature has been rated 100% below average
  • As compared to Buzzsprout, WPNode offers fewer features and functionality

10. Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast

Apple Podcasts offers an all-in-one solution for podcasters looking to take their shows to the next level. They also have an extensive library of podcasts from around the world, giving users access to content from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Prices – No Information available

Pros of Apple Podcast:

  • Free Version available
  • They also supported Windows, Mac, iPhone, IPad, and Android Platforms.

Cons of Apple Podcast:

  • Does not provide 24/7 live support.
  • As compared to Buzzsprout, WPNode offers fewer features and functionality

11. Casted


The Casted podcast is a revolutionary way to maximize your return on investment (ROI) when it comes to podcast and video content. You’ll be able to create and distribute podcasts and videos with ease, while tracking performance metrics in real time. A further benefit of Casted is that it provides businesses with an easy way to create and distribute podcasts and videos via multiple channels, allowing them to reach a wider audience. They have both monthly and annual plan available.

Starter: Talk with sales team

Pro: Talk with sales team

Enterprise: Talk with sales team

Pros of Casted:

  • Ability to quickly create high-quality content with minimal effort
  • Help you target specific audiences and optimize performance

Cons of Casted:

  • Casted does require a paid subscription, which may not be feasible for some users depending on their budget.
  • Does not provide any editing or production services, so if you need assistance in these areas it would be best to look elsewhere.

12. Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio has created a podcast that is 10X faster and easier to use than other podcasts, with the goal of becoming the best Buzzsprout Alternatives in 2023. It offers a straightforward user interface with easy-to-use tools for creating podcasts quickly, as well as allowing podcasters to collaborate with each other in real-time. Moreover, its pricing structure is very competitive and can be adapted to fit any budget.

Basic: $9/month with 10 hours exported audio

Plus: $99/month with 50 hours exported audio

Advanced: $499/month with 150hrs exported audio

Pros of Rumble Studio:

  • Rumble Studio are its fast production speed and low cost compared to other platforms.
  • It can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Cons of Rumble Studio:

  • It does not currently offer a comprehensive library of sound effects and music tracks.
  • Rumble Studio does not offer the same level of customer service and support as Buzzsprout.

13. Captivate


Captivate offers many attractive features, such as an easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics, that make it a strong contender in the podcast market. On top of that, it also offers an easy-to-use analytics suite and a wide selection of podcast hosting plans, making it ideal for businesses or individuals who need a reliable podcasting platform. They have both monthly and yearly plans.

Personal: $17/month with 30,000 monthly downloads

Professional: $41/month with 150,000 monthly downloads

Business: $87/month with 300,000 monthly downloads

Pros of Captivate:

  • Its ease of use, allowing users to quickly set up their podcast and start publishing episodes without too much hassle
  • Offers many attractive features.

Cons of Captivate:

  • No free plans
  • Does not offer the same level of support or customer service as Buzzsprout.

14. Byet


Byet offers an impressive range of features for users, including a powerful media player, easy-to-use analytics and reporting capabilities, customizable audio players, and more. It also provides a secure hosting solution with unlimited storage, excellent customer support, and instant uploads.

Super Premium Monthly: $4.99/month with 250GB bandwidth

Super Premium Annual: $47.88/year with 250GB bandwidth

Ultimate Monthly: $7.99/month with unlimited bandwidth

Ultimate Annual: $83.88/year with unlimited bandwidth

Pros of Byte:

  • Byet is its low price – plans start from just $4.99/month.
  • Byet provides unlimited storage, easy setup, and 24/7 customer support

Cons of Byte:

  • The audio quality of Byet is not as good as what you get with Buzzsprout.
  • The interface is not as user-friendly.

15. Audio Boom

Audio Boom

Audioboom offers a wide range of features that make it an attractive option for podcast hosting, including unlimited storage and bandwidth, easy-to-use editing tools, and powerful analytics for tracking performance. It also provides users with the ability to monetize their podcasts through advertising or donations.

Started Plan: $9.99/month or $99/year

Plus Plan: $19.99/month or $199/year

Pros of Audioboom:

  • It has easy-to-use dashboard and analytics tools.
  • The platform also makes it easy to collaborate with other podcasters, allowing cross-promotion opportunities.

Cons of Audioboom:

  • Its user interface isn’t quite as intuitive as Buzzsprout’s.
  • It can be expensive compared to some other podcast hosting services.

16. Infinity Free

Infinity Free

Infinity Free offers a wide range of features and benefits including unlimited bandwidth, storage, and hosting. It also provides a user-friendly dashboard with all the necessary tools for efficient podcast management. It is a great option for podcasters who don’t need sophisticated features or premium customer service.

Basic Plan: $0/month with 5GB Disk space and 1 FTP Account.

Super Premium: $3.99/month with Unlimited Disk space and 100 FTP Accounts

Ultimate Premium: $6.90/month with Unlimited Disk space and Unlimited FTP Accounts

Pros of Infinity Free:

  • This platform is compatible with iTunes, SoundCloud, and other popular podcasting services, making it an ideal choice for podcasters
  • It provides easy integration with websites, players, and social media networks.

Cons of Infinity Free:

  • Infinity Free does not offer customer support or any analytics tools.
  • While the service is free, there are some limits in terms of file sizes and a number of episodes that can be uploaded.

17. Awardspace


Awardspace offers an all-in-one platform for podcast hosting, monetization, and analytics. It has many features that set it apart from other competitors, including its superior customer service, advanced analytics tools, and cost-effective pricing plans. It has both monthly and annually plans available.

Basic Plan: $0/month for 2 websites.

Web Pro Plus: $4.57/month for 10 websites

Max Pack Plus: $5.83/month for unlimited websites

Pros of Awardspace:

  • Awardspace provides reliable hosting platform with plenty of storage and bandwidth.
  • Awardspace also offers good customer support with helpful tutorials and FAQs.

Cons of Awardspace:

  • It does not have as many integrations and plugins available as Buzzsprout.
  • AwardSpace doesn’t have a large library of audio effects and lacks some of the customization options available with Buzzsprout.

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